Teen accidentally moves into retirement village after signing lease without viewing property

A teenager has discovered first hand why it’s important to view a property before signing the lease, after she accidentally found herself living in a retirement village.

Madison Kohout, 19, found the two-bedroom apartment online, ahead of a move from Oklahoma to Arkansas, but it wasn’t until after she arrived that she realised exactly what she had signed up for.

In fact, the teen lived in her new home for a week, confused as to why all her neighbours were over the age of 65, before she stumbled across a sign explaining she was actually in a senior living community.

Madison took to TikTok, where she shared her blunder with her followers, showing a clip of her browsing for apartments on her laptop, before posing in front of a sign, which reads: “Senior Citizens Apartments.”

The clip, which has since been viewed millions of times, prompted the 19-year-old to film another video, detailing how her life in a retirement village was going so far.

“How is life at the old folks home you might ask? Let me show you,” she says, before leading the camera into her apartment.

“Well, whenever I get home it’s usually super quiet, because most of my neighbours are asleep by the time I get home.”

Madison went on to say that one “major perk” about the apartment is that she can play music whenever she wants to, because “some of them can’t hear.”

“Another fun thing about living in the old folks home is I can always hear about the ‘tea’ in the town whenever I want,” she said, before adding that another positive is that whenever she comes home from a long day at work “everyone always asks how I’m doing”.

At the end of the video, Madison joked: “And just remember, if you’re struggling with rent, start your early retirement!”