Epic Games Store introduces new PC apps for its users

Following the launch of Spotify, Epic Game Store’s first app, users can now download the Itch-io indie game store, the Brave web browser, the iHeartRadio streaming radio app, the model generator KenShape, and the digital painting app Krita. All apps are now available on the Store’s App page. Epic Games promises more apps will come later this year.

Out of the five new apps available in the Epic Game Store, the most interesting one has to be Itch-io. With the indie video game store available to download on EGS, you can essentially download a game store from another game store to play games that aren’t available in the latter. Both stores are somewhat completing each other.

Besides Itch-io, Epic Games also added the open-source web browser Brave. Featuring a built-in ad and website tracker blocker, Brave is also known for the recently launched BAT (Basic Attention Token), an Ethereum-based system used to track media consumers’ time and attention on websites through the browser.

Another app added to the EGS was Kenshape, a 2D to 3D model generator compatible with most video game engines. Epic Games also introduced to EGS the Krita app, used to make digital illustrations, comics, animations, sketches, and paintings, and iHeartRadio (NA only), the famous and free music, podcasting, and live streaming radio service.

In the future, EGS will receive more apps, including Houseparty, a social network with group video chat, and Discord, the popular communication and digital distribution platform loved by gamers worldwide. If you want to know more about other upcoming Epic Games Store features, you can take a tool at its public roadmap.

In addition to all the new apps, Epic Games has also partnered up with Spotify to offer all Fortnite Crew Members three months of Premium subscription at no cost. This promotion only applies to new Spotify Premium subscribers.

The launch of new apps in the Epic Games Store might not generate much direct revenue, but it should increase its popularity, therefore helping Epic recoup the costs it had with the store.

On another note, the introduction of apps to the Epic Games Store shows that the company plans to expand beyond games, creating something more akin to the Google Play Store and App Store, from which Fortnite was removed.